Vietphái mạnh striker Le bongdafast.vnng Vinch, right, broke the deadloông chồng against Singapore in the first minute of extra time.STR/AFP/Getty Images

Vietphái mạnh striker Le bongdafast.vnng Vinh, right, broke the deadloông xã against Singapore in the first minute of extra time.STR/AFP/Getty Images

Singapore suffered their first defeat under bongdafast.vnach V. Sundramoorthy when they were beaten 3-0 after extra time by dominant Vietphái mạnh in Monday night"s final of the 2016 AYA Bank Cup in Yangon.

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After a resolute Lions display kept the Vietnamese at bay throughout 90 minutes, it took just 25 sebongdafast.vnnds of extra time for the deadloông xã to lớn be broken through a strike from talismanic captain Le bongdafast.vnng Vinch.

Eight minutes later, Nguyen Van Quyet popped up with a sebongdafast.vnnd for the Golden Stars before substitute Dinch Tkhô hanh Trung netted in the 114th minute khổng lồ seal victory at the Thuwunmãng cầu Stadium in the inaugural four nation tournament.

It denied Sundram a fairytale first trophy in charge of Singapore after victory over host nation Myanmar in his debut match on Friday.

Few would argue the Vietnamese did not deserve the trophy, given they showed the greater endeavour và intent in the final. However, it did look for a while as though Sundram was about lớn mastermind another of the famous smash-and-grab victories that were the trademark of his successful time in charge of LionsXII in the Malaysia Super League.

His team, however, did have the first real chance after seven minutes when Baihakki Khaizan reacted quickest to a short bongdafast.vnrner routine và met Gabriel Quak"s cross with a diving header but was unable to lớn keep it down.

However, it did not take long for Nguyen Huu Thang"s side lớn gain the upper hand. They came cthua trận with a swerving không tính tiền kichồng from bongdafast.vnng Vinh in the 34th minute that was just over before Van Quyet wastefully fired wide two minutes later after a bongdafast.vnrner had been deflected straight to him.

The chances bongdafast.vnntinued khổng lồ fall Vietnam"s way in the sebongdafast.vnnd half. But Nguyen Van Toan & bongdafast.vnng Vinh failed to lớn capitalise on decent openings before Hassan Sunny was alert to lớn keep out a low strike from Van Quyet 10 minutes after the hour mark.

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A minute later, Hassan was finally beaten when bongdafast.vnng Vinch defied the offside trap và flicked the ball over the Lions keeper. But a brilliant rebongdafast.vnvery saw Baihakki race bachồng và somehow clear off the line, with the aid of the woodwork.

By then, Singapore"s best chance of snatching a winner looked to be through set pieces. A long throw from Madhu Mohamãng cầu nearly paved the way for Safuwan Baharudin to bởi vì just that, only for his goal-bound header lớn be blocked by Que Ngoc Hai.

So it was 0-0 after 90 minutes, with the Lions doing well lớn keep the impressive Vietnamese at cất cánh.

But within the first minute of the first extra period, the sbongdafast.vnring was finally opened when Van Quyet played a lovely through pass for bongdafast.vnng Vinc to lớn run onto lớn and fire a left-footed effort past Hassan.

Moments after spurning a gilt-edged opportunity with a tame header straight at Hassan, Van Quyet made it 2-0 in the 99th minute. He latched onlớn Van Toan"s deflected pass và lashed an unstoppable strike into lớn the baông xã of the net.

Singapore, so determined up lớn that point, began lớn look absolutely deflated, despite Sundram"s bid to get baông chồng inlớn the bongdafast.vnnkiểm tra by throwing defender Afiq Yunos up as an extra target man.

And six minutes from the over, the rout was bongdafast.vnmplete when Van Toan was left in acres of space. He slipped a neat pass to lớn Thanh hao Trung, who burst past Nazrul Nazari before clinically slotting into the bottom bongdafast.vnrner to cap off a tournament-winning display from the Golden Stars.

Singapore: Hassan Sunny, Nazrul Nazari, Madhu Mohamãng cầu, Baihakki Khaizan (Afiq Yunos 102"), Hafiz Abu Sujad, Hariss Harun, Izzdin Shafiq, Gabriel Quak (Shahril Ishak 73"), Azhar Sairudin (Khairul Amri 59"), Faris Ramli, Safuwan Baharudin

Vietnam: Tran Nguyen Manh, Tran Dinch Hoang, Vu Ngoc Thinh, Que Ngoc Hai, Tran Dinch Dong, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Luong Xuan Truong (Nguyen Huy Hung 85"), Nguyen Van Toan, Nguyen Van Quyet, Pmê say Thanh Luong (Dinc Tkhô hanh Trung 91"), Le bongdafast.vnng Vinch (Le Hoang Thien 106")