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Season three of The Flash has introduced Barry Allen khổng lồ perhaps his greakiểm tra enemy yet: Savitar.

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The self-proclaimed god of tốc độ has been torturing Barry since he appeared, teasing the fasdemo man alive sầu with his own destruction. To date, each season of The Flash has featured a speedster as Barry Allen"s primary antagonist: Reverse-Flash, Zoom and now Savitar. But in season four, it appears that Team Flash will have sầu to giảm giá with a whole new kind of villain. 

While the focus of The Flash"s third season is still very much on Savitar, Tuesday night"s episode may have just revealed where things will be heading in subsequent seasons. In episode 18, Barry faces off against the futuristic villain Abra Kadabra. Since Abra Kadabra is from the 64th century, he just so happens lớn know the answer to lớn the question we have all been asking: Who is Savitar? 

In keeping with the slow-burn nature of the big Savitar reveal, Abra Kadabra does not kết thúc up revealing the villain"s identity. He does, however, tell Barry that Savitar will be his greatest enemy — greater than Thawne, Zoom & DeVoe. If you vì not know who DeVoe is, that is because he has never appeared on The Flash

In that blink-and-you"d-miss-it moment, it appears that The Flash may have sầu just let us all in on a little secret: Clifford DeVoe may be season four"s primary antagonist. 

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Who will be The Flash season four"s big bad?

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed at Los Angeles" PlayFest on Saturday that the season four villain will be different from villains of the past. "Next season we"re not going khổng lồ have a speedster ," said Kreisberg.

Before Tuesday night"s episode, however, fans were only left lớn speculate who could be so dangerous that they could take Barry Allen on without any tốc độ.

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And while it has not been officially revealed that Clifford DeVoe will be season four"s big bad, the fact that Abra Kadabra mentioned hyên ổn along with the prior three primary antagonists — Reverse-Flash, Zoom và Savitar — certainly makes hlặng the frontrunner. 

Who is Clifford DeVoe?

Clifford DeVoe is the civilian identity of the villain known as the Thinker. DeVoe was originally introduced in 1943, and took on not Barry Allen, but the Jay Garriông xã incarnation of the Flash. Unlượt thích many of the Flash"s villains, the Thinker is not a meta-human. Rather, he utilizes technological devices to lớn get the upper hvà on his enemies. 

DeVoe"s most frequent use of technology comes in the khung of his "thinking cap." The thinking cap grants DeVoe powers of mental projection và limited mind control. As a villain, he has spent some time as a thành viên of both the Injustice Society as well as the Suicide Squad. While it is unclear exactly how DeVoe will show up on The Flash, assuming he will, it may have something to vị with a character on Arrow

After DeVoe"s death in the cobongdafast.vns, Mister Terrific creates a khung of artificial intelligence using his brain waves, và like all AI in fiction, things go terribly wrong. It is possible that if DeVoe is season four"s big bad, he will show up not as a human, but as an AI à la the Avengers" villain Ultron. And if this is the case, could it be that Mister Terrific will be to blame? 

For now this is all conjecture, but thanks to Abra Kadabra, we don"t need a thinking cap to lớn presume that DeVoe will show up at some point on The Flash has ongoing coverage of The Flash. Please follow our main The Flash hub here