Pauline chan bo

陳寶蓮 Chen Baolian Bo Lin Chan Po-Lin Chan Baolian Chen Pauline Chan Pinyin Chen Baolian Bo-Lin Chan

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Born in Shangnhì, Trung Quốc, as Chen Baolian, Pauline Chan emigrated to lớn Hong Kong at age 12 with her mother when her parents divorced. A beautiful young girl, it didn"t take long for photographers and agents lớn notice her and she began modeling at 15. In 1990 she entered the Miss Asia beauty pageant. She didn"t win, but her striking looks, lithe toàn thân and classy bearing attracted the attention of several producers in Hong Kong"s adult film industry. At age 18 she made her adult-film debut and her enthusiastic performances shot her lớn the top of the Chinese porn field. In 1997 she hooked up with a much older man, a Taiwanese millionaire, & they had a short (two-year) but stormy relationship.

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After their break-up in 1999, Chan"s personal and professional lives began lớn unravel. She had had a drug problem for several years and it got worse--during one television interview in which she was apparently high on drugs she actually tried lớn commit suicide. A series of brushes with the law ensued, resulting in her being deported from several countries, and she was briefly sent khổng lồ prison in the UK for assault. These và other incidents pretty much pulled the plug on her film career.

She moved back lớn her hometown of Shangnhì and in July of 2002 gave birth lớn a baby boy. Motherhood didn"t solve sầu her problems, however, & on July 31, 2002, she leaped out of the window of her 24th-floor apartment and plunged lớn her death.

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Riwayat Perfilman

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1997 夜半2點鐘 as 1) Eva
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1996 旺角揸Fit人 as Nurse
1996 The Eighth
國產凌凌漆 as Killer with Flame-throwing Bra
1994 青春夢裡人
三劍俠與飛機妹 as Mrs Chau
1993 魔域歡喜教
1993 劍奴 as Mu-Lin
1993 風起雲湧之情迷香江 as Lin
1993 現代情慾篇之換妻檔案 as Susan
1993 省港流鶯 as Insp. Pauline Chen
1993 Angel the Kickboxer as Pauline
1993 神經刀與飛天貓 as Evil Lady of Yi Ho
1993 十大槍擊要犯之殺生狀元
1992 我來自北京 as Au Fung
1992 飛女正傳 as Chewing Gum
1992 五月櫻唇 as Lyon
1992 現代應召女郎 as Eva
1992 花街狂奔 as Hung
1992 聊齋三集之燈草和尚 as I-Meng
夜生活女王之霞姐傳奇 as Linda

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