One championship: bibiano fernandes vs


Bibiano Fernandes defended his bantamweight title in a closely contested five-round war against Martin Nguyen.

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Nguyen had ambitions khổng lồ become a three-division champion in ONE Championship but fell short when it mattered. At the kết thúc of the 25 minutes, Fernandes was deemed lớn have been the more effective fighter and was awarded a split decision.


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It’s a tough loss for the Australian, who fought at an extremely high-level for the length of the contest. Nguyen defended the takedowns of Fernandes và quickly scrambled baông chồng to his feet when required. For the most part, Nguyen dictated the pace & position of the fight but he was rarely able to connect with the signature overhvà right that had knocked out Marat Gafurov & Eduard Folayang last year. In the final round, a well-timed punch by Fernandes dropped the two-division champion to the canvas and that might have sầu been enough lớn sway the decision.

Slipping bombs

Nguyen’s primary weapon wasn’t a factor at ONE: Iron Will.

Fernandes và his team carefully game planned for Nguyen’s right hand và their preparation came to lớn fruition in this title defense. Whenever Nguyen attempted his powerful overh& right, Fernandes slipped his head out of the way. He would even occasionally answer bachồng with strikes of his own.

In the third round, it looked as though Nguyen was starting khổng lồ shy away from attempting his favorite punch considering that he was unsuccessful early. However, once he opened up Fernandes with a clever elbow, he then landed flush with the right hand for the first time. The power was there and he wobbled Fernandes slightly, but he wasn’t able khổng lồ capitalize on the situation.

Missed opportunities

That moment in the third round might have sầu been Nguyen’s best chance to lớn win.

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After blood started pouring from Fernandes’ forehead, Nguyen started to lớn control all aspects of the fight while it was standing. His timing improved & he started to connect with more punches. At the same time, Fernandes was fading and wasn’t able to keep up with the pressure from Nguyen.

Nguyen began hunting for the finishing blow, but wasn’t able khổng lồ connect with enough force lớn stop the fight.

Another missed opportunity for “The Situ-Asian” was not going baông xã khổng lồ the leg kiông chồng enough. Nguyen’s greachạy thử weapon – by far – through the five rounds was his kicks lớn the lead leg of Fernandes. In particular, the calf kiông xã was picking up Fernandes’ leg as it came through and had a major impact. We saw Alex Silva dethrone Yoshitaka Nailớn on the bachồng of leg kicks alone the last time the organization was in Bangkok, Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, & it could have been a similar story tonight if Nguyen continued to attachồng the legs.

The defining moment

As the final round began, the fight was still up for grabs. Neither Nguyen or Fernandes had done enough khổng lồ really influence the scorecards more than the other, so when Fernandes dropped Nguyen khổng lồ the canvas with a punch late in the third round, that might have sầu been enough to lớn form the decision for the judges.

Although Nguyen quickly returned lớn his feet, the punch had a significant impact và stood out above sầu all the other moments of the fight.

With this split decision victory, Bibiano Fernandes remains undefeated in ONE Championship. His win also marks the seventh consecutive title defense since winning the ONE Bantamweight World Championship in 2013.


Jake Nichols

Jake Nichols is The Body Lock"s Editor in Chief. Previously, he was the MMA Editor at RealThể Thao.