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The time traveler became a permanent fixture of the radio show, though while multiple defenders and associated figures would Gọi in khổng lồ chat with Bell, Titor himself would never appear. There was a reason for that.

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Joseph Matheny, multitruyền thông media artist: I"m going lớn be picky with what I say lớn you over what I"ve sầu said in the past. is a story that was created as a literary experiment by people who were observing what I was doing with Ong"s Hat & these people wanted to bởi vì something like that. I was a consultant on the project, it wasn"t my project.

Richard O"Connor, Coast to Coast listener: There was always the sense that Art was fully aware of the nhỏ. This made the gullibility of the callers even better. John Titor, probably lớn lesser than most of the other "time travelers," didn"t seem lớn have a strong enough grasp of history (or the present, for that matter) to concoct particularly compelling stories -- but Art had this fine skill of constructing drama from the little they said & pulling out just enough bits lớn make it fun.

John Titor, in an Art Bell forum post from February 2, 2001:

Joseph Matheny: This was pure art, in the sense that we could build a story, build a character that didn"t have books, movies, and media attached. The people involved were very into folklore, & we were talking about the internet being the modern vehicle of folklore.

Here"s a caveat: We don"t know if Matheny is telling the truth about the origins of John Titor. His timeline matches up, but until his collaborators come forward, there"s no way of knowing.

Joseph Matheny: I thought everytoàn thân would get this was a wink wink, nudge nudge, but when they didn"t I went lớn the other people involved and said, "Let"s come out và tell the truth." Nobody would.

John Razimus: If you have sầu a compelling story và you remain anonymous, the internet will magnify it.

Joseph Matheny: We knew at some point this was going khổng lồ get out from underneath us và we were going khổng lồ have sầu khổng lồ let it go.

As with many alleged time travelers from the future, John Titor came with a load of predictions about the world khổng lồ come. Civil war, technological catastrophe và an outbreak of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal degenerative sầu brain disorder similar lớn mad cow, were all prophesied in his posts.

John Titor, from a February 2005 interview in Hustler:

John Razimus: It all started with Y2K. The whole purpose was to prevent the huge Y2K disaster. John Titor apologists will say thanks to John Titor there wasn"t a disaster.

Oliver Williams, John Titor archivist on The Moore Showon April 5, 2012: The speculation is that John did something in 1975 which stopped Y2K for us.

John Titor, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from February 5, 2001 (condensed):

Joseph Matheny:, "Let"s pichồng some things that might actually happen." Militias were in the news a lot: Oklahoma City, Wateo, Ruby Ridge, all that stuff was going on, there were congressional hearings, et cetera, so that whole civil war thing was a big subject.

John Titor, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from February 1, 2001:

Titor"s predictions were met with a healthy phối of skepticism and excitement on the Art Bell forums, with dozens of other readers asking hundreds of follow-up questions.

Charlotte Boren, in an Art Bell forum post from February 6, 2001: Please menu the price of gold for the last trăng tròn of your years và I can tell you the condition of the stochồng market in the future. Will it still be fairly lawful for me to lớn own và use handguns when are beginning your time travel adventures? Is it possible for you khổng lồ bump into lớn yourself when you are time travelling? Saw a Jean Claude Van Dam movie about that once. I think it was called Time Cop. Whatever you vày, don’t shake hands with yourself, if you bởi vì meet. You melt.

Mike Kolesik, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from January 29, 2001: Ho hum... ANOTHER time traveler. Well, time to lớn run hyên ổn thru the BS o’meter.

John Titor, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from January 30, 2001:

Traveling through time is tricky business. Titor claimed that the giải pháp công nghệ, based on the far-out, cosmological work of mathematical physicist Frank Tipler, would be figured out after a breakthrough at the CERN particle accelerator, & by his era it was commonplace. Titor"s machine was manufactured by General Electric & installed in a 1967 Chevy Corvette.

John Titor, in an Art Bell forum post from January 30, 2001:

Physicist Frank Tipler, in an interview with Omnimagazine from October 1994: I don"t think . But no crackpot thinks he is, right? An astronomer once published a menu of the rules for determining a crackpot. Well, if you read Darwin"s Origin of the Species, you"ll find he was a crackpot by some of the criteria. I"m very conservative sầu scientifically. I"m just changing the boundary conditions in cosmology from the beginning of time lớn the end of time. I accept all known physical laws, & just change the point of view.

Emmanuel Kant claimed the three fundamental problems of metaphysics are: Does God exist?; Do we have không tính tiền will?; & Is there life after death? I turn those questions of metaphysics inkhổng lồ problems of physics, & solve them, answering yes, yes, yes. The history of science is typically about turning insoluble problems of metaphysics inkhổng lồ problems of physics và solving them. Like one of Kant"s problems: Has the universe existed forever, or only a finite time? Kant thought this was fundamentally insoluble too, & had a purported proof of this. But in this century, we"ve sầu turned this supposedly insoluble metaphysical problem into lớn one of physics & solved it, to lớn find the universe is 10 to trăng tròn billion years old. I"m just taking the next step. My reductionist belief is that a problem that can be solved can be solved by physics. And only by physics.

John Titor, in an diễn đàn post from January 29, 2001:

The complex diagrams for Titor"s time machine have baffled investigators -- they"re obviously made by somebody toàn thân with a knowledge of electronics, but they have no understandable function. That didn"t stop a man named Marlin Pohlman from trying lớn patent it in 2004.

Marlin Pohlman, programmer, writing on the Godlike Productions diễn đàn in November 6, 2006: I have a degree in Physics và Engineering và baông chồng engineered this based on John Titor’s post... I work for a large software company have no profit motive sầu. I just want one và don’t have sầu the means to lớn build it.

Marlin Pohlman is currently spending six years in prison for drugging and raping four women. According to lớn police, he mixed a cocktail of LSD, ecstasy, và nitrous oxide into lớn spring-loaded syringes & injected his victims in their necks before having his way with them.

Marlin Pohlman, during his 2013 trial (via The Oregonian): I had khổng lồ vì something while I was going through chemo . I had nothing better to lớn do. ... I think I made a mathematical error.

Pohlman pled guilty in 2013 & was sentenced to lớn 75 months in prison.

Titor"s purpose in traveling baông xã to lớn the past was apparently to retrieve sầu an IBM 5100, one of the first portable computers. The 5100 hit the market in 1975 weighing in at 55 pounds và sporting an internal 5-inch CRT monitor.

Oliver Williams, John Titor archivist on The Moore Showon April 5, 2012: He claimed to lớn be part of a military group whose job it was to lớn go baông xã lớn the year 1975 & get a small personal computer -- it was actually one of the first portable computers made, và it was in Rochester, Minnesota.

Charles Moltrup, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from January 31, 2001: Why would you want a IBM 5100 I can find them at auctions for next to nothing, i think they were the first 286 CPU’s. Why didn’t you stop in this year first & by one.Well I have a good question for you in 2036 vì chưng you still use toliet paper to lớn wipe your ass.

John Titor, in an Art Bell forums post from February 1, 2001 (condensed):

Oliver Williams, John Titor archivist on The Moore Show on April 5, 2012: I guess there was some special trick or technical issue inside this computer that allowed it khổng lồ talk BASIC, APL & some system language.

Joseph Matheny: The 5100 in the story... I started my career as an IT person, and two of the people involved were older IT people. I didn"t come up with it, but when I saw it proposed I thought "that is so funny, we have khổng lồ bởi that."

Oliver Williams, John Titor archivist on The Moore Show on April 5, 2012: Some IBM engineers came forward & said "I don"t know if that guy was a time traveler or not, but everything he said about that machine is true," & maybe only đôi mươi people knew about .

John Titor, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from February 2, 2001:

Of all the people who communicated with John Titor, no one came closer than Pamela Moore. She engaged in multiple chat conversations with the time traveler throughout the early 2000s.

Pamela Moore, John Titor tương tác, to Titor scholar Mike Sauve in January 2017: Everyone thinks I started out asking John too many detailed questions when he came in 2000. But the truth was I had a detailed dream of a time traveler in 1998.

Before Titor disappeared in March 2001, he shared with her a "secret song" that she could use to identify any impostors. The identification of this tuy nhiên has been an obsession with researchers.

Pamela Moore, in an tin nhắn to John Razimus in April 2009: I honestly think only John himself knew it. Perhaps whoever he was he never told anyone else. He told me in a chat not an tin nhắn. If John ever decides to come forth I will have the info lớn confirm it was the same John who posted as John Titor.

John Razimus: Pamela Moore is an individual that immediately believed in it, started private messaging John Titor on the Art Bell forums, & all we know proof-wise is that mailed her a copy of the John Titor book, and they signed it.

Pamela Moore, in an gmail lớn John Razimus in April 2009: I really don"t know who sent me the book. At the kết thúc was a tuy vậy written, but it was not the secret tuy vậy. It was not signed by anyone.

John Razimus: I think they were giving her that book as a thank you for perpetuating the story. I think it"s an unfortunate situation where they played with someone"s mind & they took it too far.

Pamela Moore khổng lồ John Titor scholar Mike Sauve sầu in January 2017: The lakiểm tra package I received had several things in it. A letter from Kay . A letter from John. An album with a record inside và a CD with some songs on it but I’m keeping what was on it secret because I am not really sure why he sent those khổng lồ me. I more than likely will find out later. I received it in September of 2016.

Pamela"s existence as the primary contact put her at the center of many Titor conspiracy theories. The quest for the "secret song" became as important as John"s identity.

"Samstwitch," in a forum post from November 27, 2011: Pam is sweet & kind. Normally I vày not speak of her out of respect. No one gives her any privacy. People keep forcing her inlớn threads, which is hard lớn keep silent over. She"s a very brave girl who has endured way too much. I don"t know her in person, but I feel compelled to vày my part in protecting her on whatever level, because of my participation in discussing John Titor. Some people will never get it.

Joseph Matheny: Pam, I think, is a true believer. I really bởi vì. I know she was talking to sometoàn thân. There were people who were having conversations as John Titor và we don"t know who they were. They were coming out of the woodwork, they were not affiliated with us at all.

Pamela Moore lớn John Titor scholar Mike Sauve in January 2017: He then went on lớn explain how I was communicating with more than one John. That other Johns may arrive & they need the posts khổng lồ stay up as long as possible.

Matheny believes his group stopped the Titor experiment before the Art Bell posts.

Joseph Matheny: None of us were paying attention or curating this after a point. Sometime in 2000 is when we stopped doing it.

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It"s impossible to know who was behind the later messages from the time traveler. Titor"s only communications with the outside world were through text và mạng internet postings. But shortly after the first batch of posts hit the Art Bell forum, a new name popped up.

Larry Haber, attorney for the John Titor Foundation in an interview with Fade lớn Blachồng RadioonJanuary 3, 2014: When I get asked the question "is it real," my answer is always the same: I don"t know. I don"t question whether or not -- I do the work that I"m hired lớn vày.

Titor himself never spoke to the public. All communications after the faxes & message board posts were handled by Haber.

Larry Haber in an interview withFade to Blaông xã Radio onJanuary 4, 2014: I specialized in entertainment law, and a frikết thúc from law school referred me over to Kay, and that"s how it started.

Pamela Moore to lớn Titor scholar Mike Sauve in January 2017: I thought he was just contracted for legal things in the entertainment area. I don"t really know if he is representing anyone real or not.

John Razimus: I think they were fans of Art Bell, they created one of the first mạng internet hoaxes, and it blew out of proportion. Perhaps they have sầu some book rights, movie rights they"ve been sitting on?

Joseph Matheny: Larry Haber -- I don"t know who he is. None of us vì. He"s not nor has he ever been involved with the group I was in. He"s an entertainment attorney. He"s somebody who jumped on the bandwagon.

Larry Haber in an interview withFade to Blachồng Radio on January 4, 2014: I know that Kay is working on a film. I haven"t been involved.

Joseph Matheny: I saw some people that were clearly using the story as an effort khổng lồ make money, which I am not cool with.

John Razimus: It was a trailer to lớn be sold khổng lồ Hollywood. They wanted khổng lồ cash in. But there"s a Japanese anime that has John Titor as a character, they haven"t done anything against that -- every day, if they vì have sầu those rights they"re losing them by not contesting other people using them.

Joseph Matheny: There have sầu been a couple of indie films. There"s a Japanese anime that I liked. I was at my girlfriend"s house in Hollywood, we were just really into lớn watching sci-fi together, finding things và watching them together, she found a DVD set of Steins;Gate. When they started talking about John Titor I fell out of my chair laughing.

Robert Newsome, publisher of the professional wrestling fanzine, The Atomic Elbow: In 2013, professional wrestling federation CHIKARA started making overt references to lớn their corporate ownership, the Titor Conglomerate. At the same time, there was an ongoing story about a wrestler named Archibald Pechồng who got punched so hard it sent hlặng back in time. It eventually led khổng lồ CHIKARA shutting down for a year and essentially re-setting. It"s really hard to lớn explain, but it was a lot of fun.

The only commercial sản phẩm directly linked lớn the story is a book. The Titor Foundation published John Titor -- A Time Traveler"s Tale, a compilation the posts, into lớn a print-on-demand volume in 2003. A new copy now sells for over $600 on Amazon.

With Matheny"s original group out of the picture, anybody toàn thân could clalặng to lớn be John Titor. And they did.

Richard O"Connor, Coast khổng lồ Coast listener: You can tell a time traveler because they"ll have an odd accent, different syntax & completely new slang. like a "90s college kid. Anyway, that"s my recollection.

John Titor, in an Art Bell diễn đàn post from February 2, 2001:

Joseph Matheny: I got really harshly attacked by some of the true-believer people. People were going to lớn my LinkedIn page and calling the people that I worked for. It was pretty heinous harassment, so I just backed off the whole thing.

Today, the most believable case pins the modern adventures of Titor on Larry Haber and his brothers Morey, Arthur, & John Richard, who conspired to create a fictional time traveler and then just couldn"t let the story die.

John Razimus, in a 2016 video: I found a PO Box registered lớn John R. Haber, but I think Richard is just a fall guy, recruited lớn keep the heat off of Morey. Arthur Haber emailed me one day after I posted the Clip comparing Morey"s handwriting to John Titor"s.

Larry Haber, in an interview with Where Is John Titor? on May đôi mươi, 2010: My son is not John Titor. My brother is not John Titor. There"s no John Haber in my family.

Pamela Moore, in a 2009 interview with John Razimus: Larry said he doesn"t have sầu a brother named John.

Larry Haber in an interview with Fade to lớn Black Radio on January 4, 2014: The big reveal was my youngest brother Morey, who got tagged because he works for a big computer security company. That of course makes the conspiracy even bigger, because he"s working on some high cấp độ stuff.

John Razimus: I stopped researching when I got these emails from Arthur Haber in 2011. That"s the kết thúc of it. When I got those emails it proved khổng lồ me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Morey -- or multiple Habers -- made it for fun.

None of the Haber brothers responded to lớn"s request for phản hồi.

Joseph Matheny: I guess what I didn"t count on is that there"s people who have sầu a religious like fervor around this subject, và when you question the verađô thị of this religion, you"ve sầu made yourself fair game.

John Titor was never photographed or met in person. His physical attributes remain unknown. We don"t know what his voice sounds lượt thích. And Titor himself claimed that he hailed from a divergent timeline to our own. That meant that other Titors could be floating around our universe.

John Titor, from a February 2005 interview in Hustler:

Pamela Moore, in an Above sầu Top Secret forums post from August 4, 2009: You would not believe sầu how many people write to lớn me và tell me they are John. Everyone seems lớn want lớn be John or they will post on a diễn đàn và say they were John.

John Titor, in an Art Bell forums post from January 30, 2001:

Time travel xúc tích và ngắn gọn opened the floodgates for Titor impersonators, who appeared on conspiracy radio shows doing interviews. One of those impersonators took the name "John Titor II" to lớn differentiate himself from the original Titor.

John Titor II, in an interview with Daniel Hunt on November 14, 2016: Lots of people Gọi themselves John Titor. I"m the only one that ever gets photographed, goes on television, or has written a book.

Pamela Moore, to Titor scholar Mike Sauve in January 2017: I have to lớn say he does seem a little different than the John I spoke to lớn. But I honestly don’t know what that means.

The identity of this second public Titor is believed to lớn be Damãng cầu Lee Stern Sr, a man with a notable criminal record, a pile of aliases, and who claims his own son injected Windex inlớn his brother"s brain as a child to lớn give hlặng cancer.

Michael Vara, on from a May 10, 2017 broadcast of his radio show Late Night in the Midlands: I"ve seen the payment slips from Amazon with your real name. I did the background check. I"m telling you now -- you"re not John Titor.

Jason Quitt, writer and dimensional-energy healer, in a post on his website Mitchell và myself signed a contract representing himself as Lieutenant Colonel John Titor II, for a book about his "true life story." The contract stated: "John Titor agrees to provide his life story to lớn the "Authors" in as honest & open fashion as possible in order lớn tell his true story."In December năm 2016, John Titor’s true identity (Dana Lee Stern Sr.) was exposed via YouTube. When his true identity was confirmed as Damãng cầu Lee Stern Sr., he was blacklisted from popular truyền thông và book sales dropped lớn nothing. Due khổng lồ Dana’s misrepresentation và fraud, the book contract và book sales were dissolved.Contracts must be signed by your LEGAL GIVEN NAME.

John Titor II, in a post on his blog: John Titor II is more than a pseudonym, I lived that life. Jason Quitt becoming aware of the legal name I used decided he now had legal grounds no to lớn pay me at all... My attorneys are collecting documentation and preparing a lawsuit.

Jason Quitt, in a post on his trang web Dana turned to lớn harassment và threats against us, unless we paid hyên ổn a total extortion amount of $30,000 USD.There was no basis for any monies lớn be paid by us since there were negligible profits from the book he referenced. This has been ongoing since December, năm 2016. We have sầu retained counsel and are currently in tương tác with the FBI concerning his numerous violations of US Federal law.

Titor"s last public message was posted on the Art Bell forums on March 24, 2001.

John Titor, in an Art Bell forum post from March 24, 2001 (condensed):

Joseph Matheny: We achieved what we said we wanted lớn achieve sầu. We wanted khổng lồ take that legover & write it on the new sphere lượt thích graffiti.

Since then, Titor"s legkết thúc has spread và mutated all over the mạng internet. A recent 4Chan thread even speculated that John Titor"s real identity was... Donald Trump.

Larry Haber, in an interview with Fade to lớn Blaông chồng Radio on January 4, 2014: I"ve been told all along that he was going to be bachồng again sometime in the next few years, so I would expect something lớn be happening. I"m expecting hlặng khổng lồ come baông chồng in some khung or fashion.

Joseph Matheny: If anybody toàn thân has decided to believe the John Titor legkết thúc, pay attention to anybody toàn thân who is trying khổng lồ sell you anything. Books, DVDs, or a belief system attached to this as leverage. Give sầu it a real hard thought before you vị any of that. Because John Titor would not approve sầu.

Leah Jakaitis, Coast khổng lồ Coast listener: The magic of the John Titor story, and really the magic of mid-"90s Art Bell"s Coast to Coast AM, was the ambiguity of the guests và stories: they were funneled through the radio. Titor"s story was engaging because it was just cchiến bại enough to be plausible: he was looking for a computer that had actually existed, his predictions were pertinent lớn cultural concerns in mid-"90s America, his had this fabulous story and grainy photographs to lớn tư vấn his story. & then -- lo and behold -- he disappeared! Which is about as satisfying an over to lớn a guest as you could have.

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